About us

Cygnus Strategies LLP was founded in 2019. The partnership focuses on assisting high net worth individuals, their families and structures associated with their family navigate a complex international landscape with confidence. We pride ourselves on attempting to deal with problems before they arise, allowing clients to save time and better focus on their core businesses.

Alex van der Zwaan is the principal partner and contact point for the partnership. Formerly an English solicitor working in the Litigation and International Arbitration team at Skadden Arps offices in London, he has a depth and breadth of knowledge assisting with complex multijurisdictional problem-solving. In his career at Skadden, he advised on several high-profile cases involving prominent individuals, more details of which are available on request. He is a fluent Russian speaker, as well as being fluent in English and French.

Mr van der Zwaan no longer practices law and instead focuses on assisting with the provision of strategic consulting services which involve finding and making proper use of the most appropriate advisors for a particular situation. In this role, he often co-ordinates between legal, accounting and other experts in order to ensure that a particular clients aims are achieved in the most efficient way possible.

What we do

As a result of his experience, he has been referred to at the “passe-partout” of the high-end advisory world, allowing clients who retain him to retain the best advisors for distinct matters, whilst assisting to harness their full potential by identifying future pitfalls and smoothing over cultural barriers between jurisdictions. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the client benefits from consistency of instructions and advice across all of their professional advisors.

Cygnus Strategies LLP is not a law firm or regulated by any kind of professional body. This makes us more flexible but means that we will never provide any legal advice. We have close ties to a boutique tax advisory firm, which can become involved in any structuring matters we take on.

More information is available upon request.